Truluck the early years.

Truluck spent his high school years growing up at the Lakeside Family & Children's Center in Rockland County, New York, a group foster home that helps AT-Risk youth in New York. Lakeside Family & Children's center and Group Homes give teenagers and young adults nurturing, structured, therapeutic homes when their life circumstances make it impossible for them to live with a parent and they have not been placed in traditional foster care.


inside the trenches


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r-kal truluck

more than overcomer. Tru statement!

R-KAL Truluck works tirelessly to bring awareness and to prove the importance and priceless value of the Group home setting for adolescents and young adults. From humble beginnings to becoming a 13-year professional Football player Truluck is an testament to the discipline and structured programs that gave him the solid foundation to become a professional athlete, being an OVERCOMER!